The war and Russian invasion of Ukraine

On the 24th of February 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. It is a continuation of the 8-year-long Russian occupation of Crimea and parts of Donbas, that started in March 2014. [1] We have gathered some useful links providing key information about Ukraine and the Russian invasion.

War in Ukraine: official website | MFA of Ukraine – an official website by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with information about the war: its genesis, the current status.

New Eastern Europe – A bimonthly news magazine dedicated to Central and Eastern European affairs – a lot of expert analyses of the war, the politics of the West, Ukraine and Russia, the role of NATO, war crimes etc.

Historian Timothy Snyder: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Is a Colonial War | Democracy Now! – Timothy Snyder (Yale University) brilliantly explains the historical events and the current war in the context of colonialism and existential challenges. He has also elaborated on this topic in this article: The War in Ukraine Is a Colonial War | The New Yorker

Russia-Ukraine War: Insights and Analysis | Harvard Kennedy School – Harvard Kennedy School faculty members and other experts write about the Russia-Ukraine war. From geopolitics to sanctions to the role of misinformation and cyberattacks, HKS scholars analyze the Russian invasion of Ukraine and what it means for the world.

Ukraine at war | The Economist – The Economist’s set of articles, movies, and reports, including and exclusive interview with President Zelensky

Russia-Ukraine War News & Analysis of Putin’s Invasion – Foreign Policy – Foreign Policy on how the world is dealing with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Putin Files – YouTube – an interesting series of PBS frontline interviews explaining the currents situation in Russia, as well as its recent political history.