Vostok SOS

Since the beginning of the armed conflict humanitarian aid constitutes one of the main directions of the work of the East SOS (Vostok SOS) foundation. During the course of our humanitarian missions the organisation also analyses and researches current problems and needs of people, performing its media-covering and widening collaboration with the community.

Priorities: humanitarian aid in the conflict zone, psychological adaptation, legal aid

Forms of support: money donations, things collection, volunteering

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

People: Yulia Krasilnykova (Executive Director), Danil Popkov (Head of the Board), Yulia Kishhenko (Board Member, Education Programe Manager), Yevhen Vasyliev (Board Member, Monitoring Program Coordinator), others

Website: ВОСТОК-SOS (vostok-sos.org)

Social media: Facebook | Instagram | Telegram | YouTube